Sustainability Approach

The basic principles of Pan Technology are corporate governance, business ethics, and corporate responsibility culture. We aim to create sustainable value with the principles of equality, transparency, environment, and social responsibility in the investments we make and in all the projects we support.

Innovation and creativity, which are the most important factors among our company's visions, are indispensable attributes of our corporate culture. Decency and creativity are the most critical elements of our company's image. The prerequisite for this is that our most significant value is to treat every employee fairly in our human resources policy, provide equal opportunities, and accept differences as a value. In this context, care is taken to create a business environment where employees can express themselves more comfortably, find more training and development opportunities, and move their careers to senior management positions. The future success of our company as a precondition of efficient and environmentally friendly technologies with innovative ideas and improves business processes, investments, humans, society, and the environment manages the environmental impacts and prioritize future generations that meets the expectations of environmentally friendly and value-added products.

As Pan Technology, DEC aims to take new steps in the fields of R&D, innovation, technology, and sustainability and benefit our country with environmentally friendly ecological models while creating studies to determine sustainability priorities.